Nordic Houses Discgolf Park shelters (Estonia)

19 different timber shelters are located in a discgolf park in Kiiu, Estonia.

Various color schemes, roofs and side lattices have been developed by our architect, creating a harmonious combination in a discgolf park. There are 3 different roof versions - flat roof, 15-degree slope and 35-degree gableroof. 

Each shelter has an information board with photo materials and descriptions of different houses and projects in different countries.

Specially designed shelters for the discgolf park are designed primarily for use by players. The cottages have two main functions - the roof offers protection against both the sun and rain, and the benches inside the house are for leisure. On the front, the shelters are open, facing the game basket, allowing a good view of the game and communicating with others. 

9 houses are located on a spacious lawn park, 10 are in a beautiful forest area. 

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